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Our Vision

To be the most desired place for Christian education in our community.

We desire that AACS will have a visible presence in our community, known for our Christ- centered education program. Our goal is that everyone will want to have their children attend AACS.

Our Mission

"To nurture students in mind, body, and spirit for Jesus Christ."

Our purpose is to help students grow intellectually, physically, and spiritually into well-rounded and capable students to be successful in their post-elementary education.

Our Core Values

Our success in providing an outstanding academic program at AACS is based on the following core values:

  • Spiritual Confidence & Maturity – Spiritual development is the core of our curriculum. Study of the Bible, starting the school day with worship, and devoted prayer time leads each student to have a close, personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We desire that our students have strong spiritual direction to serve Jesus and make good choices throughout their lives.
  • Academic Excellence – AACS provides a safe environment in which our students learn and grow through the elementary grades. Our academic program uses state of the art resources, enables the classrooms with technology, and maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio. Our classrooms contain multiple grade levels, allowing the students to interact in several dimensions.
  • Physical Wholeness – We want to have fun and be happy. We guide and encourage students to have a fun and healthy lifestyle by being physically active, eating healthy foods, and avoiding addictive drugs and harmful substances.
  • Integrated Partnership – Our students, teachers, parents, and church family are actively engaged in all aspects of AACS, forging a strong community of caring. We believe this is the only way to operate our school.
  • Compassionate Service – We are dedicated to serving the community where our school resides. Our students regularly participate in activities to get to know our neighbors better and to serve those in need. Establishing a focus on service at a young age will lay the foundation for a lifetime of service to others, as seen in the example of Jesus' life here on earth.
  • Leadership Development – Our multi-grade classroom environment teaches students to effectively manage their time, work independently, prioritize and organize their work.
  • They will leave AACS with the confidence to lead others to Jesus without succumbing to peer pressure.


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